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business security in NC


Selecting the perfect security system and alarm provider is serious business. Our Sentry Watch security consultants are trained to listen and diagnose your needs to provide you with a solution that meets your specific requirements and budget. We offer various systems, wireless and hardwired, to accommodate the protection required with several transmission options available – internet, cellular and digital dialer. Sentry Watch owns and operates a local UL “Five Diamond” rated Monitoring Center. Our operators are knowledgeable and responsive, and there when you need us…

Geared specifically toward commercial security in North Carolina and South Carolina, these systems offer unique customizable options for any business owner. You can setup your system so you will receive emails indicating when your system has been armed or disarmed. You can subscribe to opening/closing supervision through our Monitoring Center, which allows you to track who is arming and disarming your system, when they are doing this and if the system is not armed by your specified time. You can also receive weekly, bi-monthly or monthly opening/closing reports.

Sentry Watch is Certified to install, monitor and issue UL Certificates.
  • UL 2050 National Industrial Security
  • UL Burglar Alarm Systems Mercantile
  • UL 1610 Central Station Burglar Alarm

fire alarms Charlotte

Fire Protection

Protect your facility with a North Caolina fire alarm system that is designed to meet NFPA requirements. We work closely with the local fire departments across the state to ensure we meet the standards of the local authority. We can work to help design small to very large fire alarm systems for any building. We have various systems to accommodate your fire needs. Our award-winning Monitoring Center is also rated by UL to monitor fire alarms. We design, install and monitor automatic fire alarms and sprinkler/water-flow systems. We also perform NFPA fire inspections.

video surveillance NC

Video Surveillance

Who’s watching your facility? We can help cut internal theft and deter potential thieves by installing a video surveillance system for your NC business. Management can capture video for playback and/or remotely view to watch over your business. Video Surveillance can help keep employees safe while on company property by monitoring parking areas, hallways or any areas where employees work alone or in secluded areas. We offer both digital and IP camera solutions. We can provide a wide range of equipment from day/night cameras to vandal-proof cameras, monitors, DVR’s and NVR’s, and we have the expertise to provide you with an outstanding video surveillance system. We provide top-notch technical support and will be there when you need us.

Honeywell NC Access Control

Access Control

As a dealer of Honeywell products in NC, we are proud to offer Access Control systems. Access control helps you manage entry to your facility doors. This system uses key fobs or access cards in conjunction with electric locks to control entry. You program these fobs/cards as to what doors they will open and at what times. No need for keys, which eliminates the need to re-key when an employee leaves the company. Management can easily delete or add employees as needed. Our access system can provide a report indicating whose fob/card was used to gain access to certain areas and the time and date this occurred.

Whip security

The Whip

Sentry Watch carries the newest technology to protect your air conditioner. The Whip is a theft detection device that connects to your existing security system and the service valve of the air conditioner or heat pump to be protected. It triggers the security system when the pressure inside the refrigerant line of the air conditioner or heat pump drops below an acceptable level. This drop in pressure happens very rapidly when thieves cut the copper refrigerant line.